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Interesting Facts:
  • The "05" racing number that Peter was most famous for initially came about from his support of the 0.05 blood alcohol limit and drink driving campaign to help promote driver safety.

  • Peter started the Peter Brock Foundation as a means to help support others who didn't meet the criteria of most other major chairtable bodies. He believed that just because you didn't meet a boards criteria for funding doesn't mean you don't need assistance where possible.

  • Beyond his successes on the track, Peter was also an amazing artist with a steady hand and a keen eye for detail. Examples of his work can be found in various printed media, but the furniture he would create out of recovered pieces of fallen trees on the family homestead in Victoria were both beautiful to look at as well as comfortable.

  • An environmentalist at heart, when not racing Peter would often be found out on the paddocks of the family homestead planting native trees and plants to help rejuvinate the land after years of it being used for farming. 

  • Peter's mother Ruth, was actually a state tennis champion and likely the source of Peter's competitive nature.

10 (We include the Bathurst 24hr)


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