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The Peter Brock Medal


The Peter Brock Medal is an award created in conjunction with the Confederation for Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) that is based on the nominations of fans and supporters from all categories of motor sport in Australia.

The award was created with the intent to help promote the ideals and passions that helped make Peter Brock the household name, core amongst these are his passion for the sport, his passion for the fans, and his comraderie for his fellow competitors.


This award is made possible in conjunction sponsors who supported Peter throughout his career and their support helps provides drivers with resources to help they themselves grow further. These will bring the most support to a driver like Molly Taylor, the most recent recipient who has shown the talent and passion to achieve great things and the support will make her in advancing her career.


In order to achieve the most complete list of nominees for the award, the selections board through CAMS requires fans from all walks of motor sport within Australia to nominate the heroes that are in development to achieve great things and you feel best represent the ideals that Peter Brock upheld. To nominate drivers, please download the form from this location, complete it and return it to the address provided at the bottom of the form by the 30th of September each year.


Previous winners:

2020: Alex Peroni

2019: Harry Bates

2018: Anton De Pasquale

2017: Will Brown

2016: Mark Webber

2015: Molly Taylor

2014: Jim Richards

2013: Neal Bates

2012: Craig Lowndes

2011: The late Jason Richards


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